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I'm Eddie Evans and I offer California crime scene cleanup services for reasonable prices. I own my own crime scene cleanup company and do my own cleaning. Ths way California's families and businesses save money. They also receive my writter guarantee for my crime scene cleanup work. I have over 16 year experience in the biohazard cleanup business. See this Eddie Evans biohazard cleanup page for more information about me and my biohazard cleanup business.

Ignore civil servants' referrals to crime scene cleanup companies. City and county employees direct families to corrupt crime scene cleanup companies. Imagine, first traumatized by a death from homicide, suicide, or unattended death in their families, these families get cheated by their coroner, medical examiner, employees. These same employees then receive a kickback, money, for send families to these companies.

Don't get the idea that it's all county or city employees; it is not. Don't get the idea the public guardian or other adminisitration employees remain free of corruption. We call this corruption "cronyism." Cronyism means that two or more people share valuable information, services, or goods. It means that they have a valuable partnership. Cronies may have business connections going back decades, perhaps longer between crony families. So what. That's business in our United States, Moscow, and Tiajuana. We've seen many people hire into jobs without

Qualifications; we call this a type of "nepotism" when relatives serve as the hirering cronies. More, though, in government service as civil servants, this type of cronyism breaks rules, regulations, and laws. In government, cronyism costs tax payers money. In government, cronyism costs families of violent death victims thousands of dollars at times. Imagine a country like the united State where cronyism is so bad no one can bu9ild a business because of government monopolies over business. Well, that's exactly what's going on in the California crime scene cleanup business.

Prove me wrong. Call me and let me knkow that your county has a crime scene cleanup crony free county government. I will thank and rush over to your county. Your county becomes my first marketing priority once I hear from you; if what you say rings true, then we can expect mmy telephone to begin wring for work in California County once I have my Internet footprint in California County Internet crime scene cleanup the business of sending victims' families to crime scene cleanup companies are theives. These companies are controled by these city and county employees. Their numbers reprrisent a tiny fraction of our Californi civil servants in general. Their crimes against victims' families amount to a monumental crime against grieving people and common decency.

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